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How to begin ...?

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The first advice to give you a good start: buy nothing! Come and see us, we will discuss quietly your aspirations, what attracts you to model aircraft; we will start by making you "try" a model in double-command ... Very often, the beginner dreams of piloting a model that he can not control, and which will end very quickly in pieces. Our Club has introductory models, equipped with dual-control radios, which is the best way to start, without crashing. These models have an easy to fly, and the double-control avoids all the difficulties of learning. Then, it will be time to buy the model of your dreams. We will also advise you on the choice of the radio remote control, according to what attracts you in the model aircraft: not to be limited to a material too "low-end", which will be quickly insufficient, and not to be launched either in inconsiderate purchases of material that is not justified for someone who starts.We will develop this article soon, but you can already apply these first tips ... See you soon!


Radio Controls

school plane

The principle of double-drive is identical to that of driving schools: the monitor uses a transmitter that is connected to that of the student (previously, the connection was done by an electric cable, but, since October 2014, the club is equipped with "wireless" equipment, which is more practical). During the flight, the instructor passes the flight commands to the student when he feels "ready", but can resume at any time, if he sees that the student is in difficulty. Thus, there is no risk of breakage of the model by the student, the monitor being responsible for the recovery of orders. The icing on the cake: the control of the commands by the student is done in a progressive way, that is to say that, at the beginning, the pupil only controls the direction of the model (right, left), then takes the simultaneous control of direction and depth (nose-up)  to finally control the engine of the model at the same time as the other controls. To begin the initiation to piloting, there is no need to buy anything, all the equipment being provided by the Club: radio controls in double, initiation model equipped with its batteries.

The instructors are volunteers, so the initiation to flying is totally free.